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Interesting, challenging and international work with great people.

Valmet, the tractor manufacturer? Not for a while anymore. Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. This large international company provides a huge amount of opportunities for employees to grow. Valmet's unit in Ulvila focuses mainly on bioproduct solutions.

It's great to work for a company, which is a global player in all its businesses. Valmet has modern values and we can easily be proud of our everyday work. We are an important part of bioeconomy and sustainable development in the world. New employees always bring new opportunities - welcome to join us!

- Sanna Röyskö, Head of Pulp Drying Technology Unit at Valmet in Ulvila

Pulp Drying Unit's members on a coffee break.

Valmet in Ulvila

  • Around 110 employees
  • Working language is English, but at the office you can also hear Portuguese and Finnish spoken
  • Manufactured products are huge machines and production lines such as machines size of a football field
  • International projects and customers ie. Metsä, UPM, Arauco, Suzano and CMPC give employees a chance to see the world
  • Valmet's unit was located in Pori in 1960's and it was transferred to Ulvila in 2014
  • Agile and dynamic unit in a large international company
  • Nice and chill work community, where opportunities are given
  • Summer jobs are a great way to get in to this company - many have worked several summers, done their degree work and got a permanent job in Ulvila after graduation

Tommi, who works in Valmet's Ulvila unit got the idea of utilizing VR headsets.

Valmet believes in reverse mentoring -technique - new employees bring and are allowed to bring fresh ideas. Case Brazil:

A product was manufactured in Ulvila for a Brazilian customer. Because of the covid-19 the customer couldn't come to Finland to get to know the product. Cutter designer had an idea, that they could use VR headsets and present the product virtually. They decided to try this and it worked out great. The customer was very happy!

Application period for summer 2022 is open 3.1.-13.2.2022 and at least 7 students will be hired to Ulvila!

Valmet has many interesting opportunities for students. As we are working in a global environment fluent spoken and written English skills are needed everyday.

These positions open doors for interesting futures!

PDU = Pulp Drying Unit

Project Team Leader is Kalle Kylänpää

2nd-3rd class Mechanical, Process or Automation Engineering students

Summer intern in Project team

This job includes for example:

  • Worksite scheduling and reporting
  • Project documentation

This position fits perfectly for a person who is interested in project operations and is eager to learn new things!

PDU = Pulp Drying Unit

Sales Team Leader is Antti Suoknuuti

2nd-3rd class Mechanical or Process Engineering students or MSc of Technology students

Summer intern in Sales team

This job includes for example:

  • Cost accounting and technical sales tasks
  • Making reference lists that support sales

This position fits perfectly for a person who gets well along with other people, is eager to learn new things and has attention to detail in hectic environment!

PDU = Pulp Drying Unit

Engineering Team Leader is Janne Suonperä

1st-2nd class Mechanical, Process or Automation Engineering students

These jobs include for example:

Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical construction, purchase documentation and 3D modelling​​​​​​​

Process Engineering

  • Balance calculation, thermal and process flow dynamics and component dimensioning

Automation Engineering​​​​​​​

  • Work at the spearhead of engineering. Utilizing modern digital tools to make independent components work together as one machine. ​​​​​​​

We expect you only to be curious and active person. All assignments will be tailored to fit your capabilities and to support you in your learning path to become a real expert of the engineering.

PDU = Pulp Drying Unit, Technology and RTD department

Technology Manager is Jukka Leino

​​​​​​​1st-2nd class Process Engineering students

This job includes for example:

  • Arranging, analyzing and summarizing process and performance data
  • Technical calculations related to process and plant performance

This position fits perfectly for a person who is interested in understanding and developing new technologies and solutions. Being innovative and able to apply different approaches is a plus!

Explore WORK! -excursion at Valmet includes​​​​​​​

Getting to know the everyday working life of employees at Ulvila

Summer job info for 2022

Discussion and questions

Duration: 1,5h

Target groups: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Automation Engineering or Process Engineering students or MSc of Technology student​​​​​​​s

If you are interested in exploring work opportunities at Valmet in Ulvila, please contact me!

Noora Jönkkäri, +358505111740,