Satakunta Region

Satakunta is located on the west-coast of Finland and it is the 12th biggest region in the country with more than 217 000 people in population. It consist of 7 different cities with Pori and Rauma as the biggest ones. Satakunta offers varience of different opportunities for investing and successful business industries such as technology, forestry, engineering, food and metal.

The diversity and strong growth in industrial sector, makes Satakunta one of the most important region in Finland. In terms of trade, Satakunta has double the country average and it provides significant impact in boosting the country economic growth. The region produces around 25 % of Finland's electricity, making it one of the biggest electricity producers in Finland. Also, it is the leading industrial cluster in Finland starting from the port of Pori 80 kilometer drive to Huittinen. All vital industry sectors in Finland's economy are strongly present in Satakunta.

Satakunta is home to many nationally notable industrial parks such as Kupariteollisuuspuisto (Copper Industry Park). The industrial parks employ 8000 - 9000 people in Satakunta and the companies located in industrial parks have investment plan of EUR 1.3 billion. The industrial parks offer an excellent innovation platform for improving industrial competitiveness and creating new solutions.​​​​​​​

Openness in building and developing a business in Satakunta is one of the main reasons most investors and foreign companies want to expand their business in the region. In Satakunta we have many experts and business advisors from different fields who can help start-up company to grow and develop in chosen market. This is an excellent place to start a successful and profitable business. Strong investments are a sign of believing in the future.