Satakunta Region

Satakunta is located on the West Coast of Finland and it is the 7th biggest region in the country with a population of 217 000 people. There are several cities in Satakunta, and Pori and Rauma are the biggest ones.

A variety of successful industries such as technology, metal, engineering, energy, forest and food industries are strongly present in Satakunta. All these industry sectors are vital for Finland's economy.

The diversity and strong growth in the industrial sector makes Satakunta one of the most important regions in Finland. Satakunta produces around 25% of Finland's electricity and its food industry covers 6% of the Finnish food sector. Furthermore, Satakunta’s share of the total exports of Finland is around 6%. Given that only 4% of the Finnish population lives in the region, these industries in Satakunta are also important on a national level.

Additionally, there are several nationally significant industrials clusters in Satakunta. These include Sata Industry, which extends 80 kilometres from Pori to Huittinen, Copper Industry Park in Pori, Suurteollisuuspuisto Industrial Park in Harjavalta and Seaside Industry Park in Rauma. The clusters employ thousands of people in Satakunta and offer an environment that is suitable for innovation and business development.

These above-mentioned aspects and other factors such as openness, competence and excellent transport connections are the main reasons why most investors and companies want to expand their business in the region. Satakunta also provides a lot of experts and business advisors from different fields who can help start-ups to grow and develop. Consequently, Satakunta is an excellent place to start a successful and profitable business.