Our organisation provides training seminar, expertise and advisory services for companies such as support with business ideas, business development and business vision. We also provide documentation services such as foreign trade, EU certificate of origin, ATA Carnet and others certified document that includes invoicing and pricing list. We want to be one key player in creating the best possible business environment in Satakunta. If you have any questions regarding membership, training courses and networking, please do not hesitate to contact us.

<h4>CEO</h4><h4><strong>Minna Nore</strong>​​​​​​​</h4><h2>Tel. +358 44 710 5364</h2><h2>minna.nore@</h2>


Minna Nore​​​​​​​

Tel. +358 44 710 5364


<h4>Membership Coordinator</h4><h4><b>Jarkko Huhtala</b>​​</h4><h2>Tel. +358 44 967 0993</h2><h2>jarkko.huhtala@</h2>

Membership Coordinator

Jarkko Huhtala​​

Tel. +358 44 967 0993



Chamber of Commerce

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